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Thanks for all help!

We'll try to test it thoroughly first and get back to you with all changes.

Images - can you estimate size in case of img. for favorites and img. for all pages? How does it work for ES/ENG version?

btw: in infoslicer I downloaded several pages but the images never download (even tough there is info about download in progress) - what am I doing wrong?

Thanks again

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  Od: Gonzalo Odiard 
  Do: Dominik Granada 
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  Wysłano: 6 stycznia 2012 17:14
  Temat: Re: [Localization] Odp: polish wiki

  Great, ready to do testing?

  You can download the activity from http://dev.laptop.org/~gonzalo/wikiserver/WikipediaPL-33.xo

  The activity does not have images included. If the xo is connected to internet,
  the images will be displayed from the wikipedia servers, if not, no images will be displayed.

  The file weight more than 100MB.

  Now you need decide:
  * If you want remove pages.
  * If you want add images. 
  We can add the images only to the pages selected in the favorites list
  or to all the selected pages. Obviously this will do the activity bigger.
  * If you want a reduced image, you can remove pages from the favorites list.

  If you propose changes, I need redo the process and takes hours,
  then would be good if you send me all the changes proposed if possible together.
  If all is ok, and I will publish the activity in ASLO.

  I hope the activity is useful for your kids and we have more news from you, thanks for your work!


  2012/1/6 Dominik Granada <dgranada at frks.pl>

    Dominik Granada
    Prezes Zarządu
    Fundacja Rozwoju Kapitału Społecznego

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      Od: Gonzalo Odiard 
      Do: Dominik Granada 
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      Wysłano: 5 stycznia 2012 20:10
      Temat: Re: [Localization] Odp: polish wiki

      Hi Dominik,
      I continue working in the Polish data.
      Can you translate these texts?:

      header = 'Z Wikipedii, Wolnej Encyklopedii'

      footer = Materiały dostępne na licencji GNU Licencja Wolnej Dokumentacji
      Wikipedia to zarejestrowany znak towarowy organizacji non-profit
      Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.
      O Wikipedii
      results title = Rezultat wyszukiwania dla '%s'.

      about text= 

      Wikipedia to darmowy projekt wielojęzycznej encyklopedii z otwartą 
      zawartością zarządzany przez amerykańską organizację non-profit
      Wikimedia Foundation. Stara się zbierać i podsumować całą
      ludzką wiedzę w każdym większym języku. Do kwietnia 2008, Wikipedia zawierała
      ponad 10 milionów artykułów w 253 językach, z czego jedna czwarta po angielsku.
      Artykuły Wikipedii zostały napisane wspólnie przez wolontairuszy z całego 
      świata i prawie wszystkie jej artykuły mogą być edytowane przez każdego 
      z dostępem do strony internetowej Wikipedii. Wszystkie teksty w Wikipedii objęte są
      licencją GNU Licencja Wolnej Dokumentacji (GFDL), rodzajem systemu 
      licencjonowania praw autorskich zezwalającym na redystrybucję, tworzenie prac pochodnych
      i wykorzystanie komercyjne materiałów pod warunkiem zachowania praw autorskich.



      2012/1/3 Dominik Granada <dgranada at frks.pl>

        it had to be some settings problem on my PC, sorted it out
        I sent you the index html page translated and made final cut to 430+
        let me know what next
        and thanks for help :)
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          Od: Gonzalo Odiard 
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          Wysłano: 3 stycznia 2012 13:22
          Temat: Re: [Localization] Odp: polish wiki

          On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 8:56 AM, Dominik Granada <dgranada at frks.pl> wrote:

            Many thanks for help with creating polish Wiki. I will check the words again and try to cut them a bit. Although I would quarrel over Messi :)

          Perfect. I have already started to process the wikipedia pl dump file. 

            On the other issue - the index_pl.html file. The _en version you sent me is read-only. Can you send me an open one or I should find a way to extract the html?

          The file I have sent you is not read only. Have you tried edit it with WordPad?
          Maybe you know any web developer or designer who can help with this task?


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              Od: Gonzalo Odiard 
              Do: Dominik Granada 
              WysĹ ano: 2 stycznia 2012 23:21
              Temat: Re: polish wiki

              I did a single list with the two files you have sent and sorted the words to identify
              The file have 537 words. I sent this file attached.
              To have a reference, I have used a list of 431 files in the spanish wikipedia,
              and including only the images in this 431 pages (no all the images in the wikipedia)
              the .xo file weight 200MB
              May be you can remove the less important words in this list.
              For example, Batman or James Bond, are not very important for the school,
              (or Lionel Messi...)
              If you are ok with this big list, tell me, if not, please remove the less important words,
              and send to me again.

              A final note, would be good continue with this mails in a mailing list (I don't  know 

              if you prefer sugar-devel or localization) to encourage more people to work in other 
              languages wikis.


              2012/1/2 Dominik Granada <dgranada at frks.pl>

                >In the same format than the other list  you have sent

                here it comes . 

                  A text file, with one word by line.


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