[Sugar-devel] 883 on XO1

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Jan 6 02:20:59 EST 2012

G'day David,

The file fs.zip on the USB drive is correct.

The file os883.img on the USB drive is incorrect.  The md5sum you
calculate differs from what I calculate.

I calculate e9e8d45a513b10f6c23145f7c6ba766b and my calculation matches
the md5 file we have on our web server:

I've also checked the file on the server in case it was corrupt there.
It is correct.

The file length is correct.  664,448 KB, at 1024 bytes per KB, exactly
matches the file size on the server of 680,394,752 bytes.

So some of the bytes are incorrect.

I'll post you a private mail next with a method to check the file in
more detail.  There may be an easy fix.

James Cameron

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