[Sugar-devel] 883 on XO1

David Leeming david at leeming-consulting.com
Fri Jan 6 01:33:17 EST 2012

Hi James,

Here is the info below. Maybe it is something else? It fails at exactly the
same place regardless which flashdrive I use. It's an XO-1 with build 852


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Please provide:

1.  the names of the files on the USB drive,

fs.zip (renamed from os883.img.fs.zip)

2.  the sizes of the two files, in bytes, especially the files os883.img
and fs.zip,

os833.img 664,448 KB
fs.zip 428 KB

3.  the md5sum of the two files.

30ae72e62e78a4de32e21e5d76dd46fc  fs.zip
d23b46324cc2a50deb60fdb96649a828  os883.img
md5sum -c ...:
fs.zip OK
os883.img OK

This will let me check your download.

You might be able to find some people here to do your downloads by post
for much less than $USD 85.

James Cameron

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