[Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Browse PDF handling

S Page skierpage at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 01:35:51 EST 2012

I wrote:
> Somehow I've gotten PDFs to show
> in the Journal, and from there I Resume with > Read for a better
> reading experience.

I think that was back when clicking a PDF in Browse (even in
~/Library) would download it into the Journal. When I tried to do this
with 11.3.0 I ran into a strange problem. While I'm viewing a PDF in
Browse, if I click the globe menu item I can name it e.g. "Browsing to
solar system PDF" and it creates a Journal entry with that name
associated with Browse. But I can also right-click on the Journal
entry and Resume with > Read, Write, or Etoys. Doing so presents some
Browse JSON data (current_tab, a history array of URLs, etc.) in Read
and Write, instead of showing me the PDF, even though Read can easily
access a PDF by URL. Meanwhile, I can only Resume or Start an actual
PDF in the Journal from Read, I can't view it in Browse.

I dunno if these are bugs or I'm misunderstanding the nature of
Journal entries. As I said, "uneasily dealing with the web"...  It's a
hard problem.

=S Page

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