[Sugar-devel] Sugar 0.94 L10n

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 10:54:32 EDT 2011

Dear Localizers and lang-admins,

The components that make up a Sugar 0.94 release are in the process of
being built and released, as per the release schedule.


So what does this mean for localizers and language admins?

You might think it means that you can take a rest from the "string
freeze scramble" to complete strings and commit them, but there is no
rest for the weary.

The Sugar release now enters it's "bug-fix" phase.  Some of those bug
fixes will include changes in strings and they will need rapid
localization and commit in order to make it into the Sugar 0.94.1
bug-fix release due out in mid-October.

So if you've completed and committed your language, keep an eye on
Pootle for changes introduced during the next few weeks of bug fixing.
 Hint, there are some already and there may be more, particularly in

If you just didn't have time to complete and commit your language's PO
files for Glucose 0.94 and Fructose, then you've got an opportunity to
catch up and get them in for the bug-fix release.

Note, If there are changes made in Glucose 0.94, the same changes are
probably going to be made in Glucose (now that they have forked), so
you can probably just copy/paste the translated strings from one to
the other.

I've attached a spreadsheet with the percent completion of Glucose 94
and Fructose projects by language.  Compared to previous releases, I'm
afraid there has been some back-sliding in the number of languages
reaching the 80% complete mark.  This due to 1) growth in string
numbers and 2) insufficient L10n activity to keep up.

Please look up your language on the list and consider making a
concerted effort to get it above the 80% mark by mid-October.  Of
course, translated strings don't mean anything if they are not
committed to git.  Language admins, please rally your language teams
and review and commit PO files.

We can do better with just a little bit of additional effort by
everyone, if you haven't contributed in a while, please log on to
Pootle and translate some strings (especially in Glucose 0.94 and

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