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Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 16:05:25 EDT 2011

On Sun, Sep 25, 2011 at 11:20 PM, Gonzalo Odiard <gonzalo at laptop.org> wrote:
> Hi Gary and team :)
> Here, in SugarCamp Junin, we did a review at the state of the toolbars.
> These are ideas to discuss, if you want in the meeting, or start over mail.
> We don't know if will be available tomorrow to participate in the Design
> Team meeting.
> Regards,
> Gonzalo & Manuel
> Toolbar Catalog: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Design_Team/Toolbar_Catalog
> Browse:
> * Can we move the Next/Previous buttons to the left of the url entry, like
> in other browsers,
> and may be move the home button to the rigth.
> Finance:
> * Replace the "Period" label and the combo, with a RadioMenuButton with
> calendar icon.
> * Add a Edit button and implement copy/paste.
> * Move the transactions buttons to the right of the view button.
> * Move the help bar to the bottom of the screen?
> Fototoon:
> * Check activity icon, looks smaller than the others.
> GetBooks:
> * Move the Journal source option in the combo to separated button in the
> toolbar?
> * Move the language combo to a configuration (spanner) subtoolbar?
> ImageViewer:
> * We should standarize rotate buttons in ImageViewer, Paint and FototToon.
> * Move fullscreen button at the rigth of Zoom buttons, add a separator and
> next the rotate buttons.
> Implode:
> * The buttons in the main toollbar should be left aligned (Manu has a
> patch).
> Infoslicer:
> * The icon used in Publish button, is the Keep button icon and should be
> replaced
> by a export icon.
> Jukebox:
> * We can replace the sound icon, by a icon with a plus sign because is a add
> sound button.
> * We can add another button with to add video, opening the object chooser
> filtering video files.
> * The play button looks bigger than the other media operations buttons.
> * Can we improve the volume control? May be use the same icons than the
> frame and a more conventional palette?
> Try standarize the icon with other sound activities, like TamTamSuite.
> Labyrinth:
> * Replace the export icons with the icons with the journal badge (Manuel
> will improve the icons from Write)
> * There changesin the toolbar in git, without packaging.
> * Need a help button (for example is difficult discover the move of objects
> with the right button)
> * There are mode buttons in a subtoolbar? May be should be in the main
> toolbar.
> Log:
> * There are a separator before the copy button?
> * The wrap button is using a left align icon and is not the proper
> metaphore.
> * The gear button is not correct for the used subtoolbar. In fact, we can
> move the two buttons in
> the subtooolbar to the main toolbar.
> * The log colllector icon should not be the loupe. May be use a export icon.
> * Move the wrap button after the separator next to the search controls.
> Maze:
> * Move the activity name entry to the main toolbar.
> * Move the share button after the activity name entry like in the other
> activities.
> Measure:
> * Replace the lips icon, with the microphone like in Record.
> Pippy:
> * How can the user save a modification?
> Read:
> * Use the Next/Previous icons like in Browse?
> * The index button can use a RadioMenuButton to show the options in the
> combo,
> and avoid use a subtoolbar only to this combo.
> * Move the favorite button to the last position.
> Record:
> * May be replace the combos with the icons by RadioMenuButtons?
> Speak:
> * Replace the last icon (robot) by the spanner.
> * Improve the mode icons?
> TamTamEdit
> * The Record button cen be removed, and move the Save to ogg button to the
> activity toolbar,
> changing the icon to a export sound icon.
> * What is the function of the save keyboard button.
> * The volumen/tempo button in the configuration subtoolbar can be moved to
> the main toolbar.
> * The palette in the spanner in the configuration subtoolbar, can be moved
> to the spanner
> in the main toolbar, then we can remove the subtoolbar and avoid duplicating
> the icon.
> TamTamJam:
> * The "Mute loops" icon is not very intuitive. Looks like mute speakers
> icon.
> * We should unify the design of the volume/tempo palettes with TamTamEdit:
>   no strings, put icons on the left of the Adjustement widgets.
> * The collections should be left aligned.
> TamTamSynth:
> * The rounded clear icon to clear the desktop, should be the rectangular
> clear icon, like in Paint

Patch sent to maintainers.

> Terminal:
> * Use the same style in the tabs as Browse.

Walter Bender
Sugar Labs

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