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Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Sun Sep 25 22:16:25 EDT 2011

On 26 September 2011 10:42, Gary Martin <garycmartin at googlemail.com> wrote:

> > Memorize 38
> > - sometimes incredibly slow (several seconds to respond to mouse
> > clicks), other times normal
> Any hints as to where you see it slow down, or is it seemingly at random
> even when clicking the same widget? Were you switching away (e.g. using
> alt+tab, or using the Frame) from Memorize, or stopping the activity at the
> time?
It is hard to tell if it because the XO-1.75 seems to be very slow, but it
is generally slowest when you first load the game (as in pulsing icon is a
long time, then turning over the first card is a very long time), but also
seemed slow if you had been in edit and switch back to play it took a long
time for the card to turn over.

> > - doesn't seem possible to save games that you create
> Memorize now auto saves the game state into its Journal entry. There is no
> need to explicitly save and load separate game data manually. If you want,
> the journal entry can be re-name via the usual activity toolbar, or from
> inside the Journal.
Not so good. I made two games and the journal just shows the second game.
The first game is lost :-( which is really sad as the best part of Memorize
as a teaching tool is the games that the students make, not the three
preloaded games which are very easy to find and replay.
There needs to be a very clear way to save, edit and load their own games,
as many times as they want to play them. They need to be able to play and
edit a game over time as they develop their understanding of the topic the
game is about. They might easily have four or five games they are developing
throughout a semester.

>  Once you have edited the game tiles, click back on the 'Play game' button
> to play them. Your modifications will be saved to the Journal entry.
Yes, but there is only one journal entry, even if you make two games, you
lose the first game you made as there was no way to save and name the first

> > - new icons have confusing hover names
> Which names did you find confusing? We have:
> - 'Set equal pairs', toggles to 'Set non equal pairs'
> - 'Set ungrouped pairs', toggles to 'Set ungrouped pairs'
Those are the confusing two names - equal pairs vs grouped pairs.

> > - what is a grouped game? we think we know what a set equal pairs is
> OK so, equal pairs means you enter one tile, and the game will place two
> copies of it on a game board for you to find; non-equal pairs is so that you
> can have different question and answer tiles (picture of a donkey vs.
> spelling the word 'donkey'). A grouped game is where the question tiles are
> grouped together, and answer tiles are grouped together, during a game
> you'll see the backs of half the tiles marked in grey with '1' and the other
> half with '2'. An ungrouped game is quite a bit harder as all the question
> and answer tiles are mixed together.
ummm.... somehow that didn't make any sense when we were using the activity.
Maybe it is actually group question tiles and group answer tiles, rather
than grouping the pairs - that would equal grouping the question and answer
together ;-p

> > - No longer a way of creating a new game and naming it for later use. The
> edited game gets saved in the journal but we could only find the latest
> version
> See above. It's worth noting here that we are finally moving away from the
> Activity 'Keep' debacle – if you would like to modify an existing Journal
> entry while preserving the original, use the new Journal 'Duplicate'
> feature. The 'Duplicate' option is available in the palette for an entry,
> and in the Details view toolbar.
Oh so confusing for the poor user. Really want a way to save different games

> > - After editing a game, the horizontal edges of the tiles disappear.
> Appears to only happen with the 4x4 tiling
> I think it is only when a secondary toolbar or notification is being
> displayed, so the canvas has less vertical height? It slightly clips the top
> tile edge with any of the x4, x5, x6 level games if a secondary toolbar is
> open. Could you confirm incase I'm missing another clipping case?
Okay, we will take a look and let you know if this is not the case.

> Thanks again for all the feedback!
Thanks for reading through it all and actioning :-)
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