[Sugar-devel] Memorize testing version

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Sat Sep 17 20:42:36 EDT 2011


> >
> >
> > Thanks! Just in time to the release :)
> > I needed remove the intermediate separator and do the set_size_request,
> but we will have problems with other languages.
> > The spanish translation of 'Load demo games' is 'Cargar juegos de
> demostracion' and two buttons are out :(
> Damn :-( :-( Keep getting caught out by toolbar text translations.
> Manuel: Pester/remind me about adding a new HIG recommendation to avoid
> using text in the toolbars unless there is plenty of free space available,
> this one has caught us several times already.
> > May be we can use a collection button (with a box, like in abacus or
> turtle art?
> Yes, I guess is the option we now have. We will need an icon, or icons for
> the current 3 demo games. We could use a single icon like TamTam Synth's
> sound presets (a memorise like document would do), or try for a custom icon
> for each game like Walter tried for Abacus – if there are good candidates
> (addition, letters, sounds).
> Raises an interesting issue regarding disabling of a primary toolbar icon
> with a secondary palette, or do we just disable the demo game buttons on the
> secondary palette. Need to watch for corner cases, e.g if the demo game
> secondary toolbar is already open when a user clicks customize. Perhaps we
> do not need to disable the demo game selection now that we have the warning
> message (i.e. allow users to load in different demo games so they can
> see/edit the cards directly in customise mode)?
When I did my proposal, I was worried of the size of the toolbar, and moved
all the edition controls to a secondary toolbar. I am not really sure about
how to solve all this.

> >
> > I will try to publish one new version tomorrow.
> > May be the Monday we can discuss the demos combo substitution in the
> Design chat.
> Sure. Do we still have time before we need to make an official release?
No :( We are already late, and asking for a exceptions.

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