[Sugar-devel] Thank you alsroot

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 00:39:34 EDT 2011

Dear Translation Team Members and Developers,

Please join me in thanking Aleksey Lim (alsroot) for giving generously
of his time and expertise to work on a number of long standing issues
we've had with our Pootle infrastructure.

Among the problems that should now be resolved are:

Missing commit links in some projects and languages.  We've had a
script that fixed this for Honey, and Aleksey has modified it to cover
more projects (e.g. Fructose / eToys), so this can be much more easily
addressed in future.  language admins should check their projects and
review and commit files that previously might not have displayed
"Commit to VCS" links.

POT regeneration - This has been an important issue for activity
developers.  Again we had a script and a .ini file that was working
for Glucose, but had fallen into disrepair for other projects (e.g
.Honey).  going forward, we will follow this closely, but the changes
made should free developers of the need to manually regenerate the POT
files when they have made string changes.

Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator

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