[Sugar-devel] SemanticXO - Christoph Guéret

Christophe Guéret c.d.m.gueret at vu.nl
Fri Sep 16 17:29:41 EDT 2011

Hi all,

If you are interested about SemanticXO and would like to try it, I'm 
pleased to inform you of the release of an easy to use install bundle.

To install the triple store and a new journal datastore implementation, 
simply download these two files:
Then type as root "sh ./patch-my-xo.sh setup" and reboot the machine.

If everything works fine, you won't see any difference ;-)
All the things are happening in the backend. The new journal will store 
its data into the triple store. To have a look at the content of this 
triple store, open the browse activity and visit 
You can also access this interface from a desktop PC, or an other XO, 
and get a remote view over the journal.

Please, check out http://wp.me/1ffiZ for the latest updates about 
SemanticXO and don't hesitate to reply to this mail if you have any 
question :-)


On 14/09/11 10:37, Bastien wrote:
> Hi all,
> sunday Christophe Guéret gave a nice presentation about SemanticXO:
>    The project SemanticXO is about bringing the latest advances in
>    Knowledge Representation and Reasoning technologies to the XO. These
>    technologies are centered around the publication of structured data on
>    the Web. The global data space thereby created, the "Web of Data", can
>    be seen as a distributed data base filled with factual information
>    about "things" (people, movies, places, ...) and the relations between
>    these things. With SemanticXO, activities on the XO will be able to
>    tap into this source of knowledge and children will be able to
>    contribute to it. For more information, the site http://lod-cloud.net/
>    provides a view of the content of the Web of Data (but this is only
>    the tip of the iceberg!).
>    The progress of SemanticXO can be followed on
>    http://semweb4u.wordpress.com
>    http://www.slideshare.net/cgueret/semanticxo-connecting-the-xo-with-the-worlds-largest-information-network
> Since some work about extending the Journal is at stake, I thought
> this might be of general interest to the list.
> Enjoy,

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