[Sugar-devel] AbiWord moving to GTK3

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 12:21:19 EDT 2011

Dear Sugar Developers,

I hang out on the #abiword channel and I wanted to pass a long a
snippet of a conversation I had with one of their developers, Jean
Brefort.  I may have not represented Sugar Labs current status or
plans accurately, but that is not the point.

The points are:

1) Jean has gtk2 to gtk3 experience

2) Abiword is an important upstream:
 - We host their L10n on our Pootle server as a convenience for our
(and their)  localizers and a thank you for their code.
 - Full AbiWord is shipped in the Gnome boot of OLPC builds
 - Write is basically an AbiWord derivative and will eventually need
to be ported to GTK3 (and earlier rather than later as  Fructose

So, if any AbiWord devs show up in #sugar asking questions, please
consider it a matter of enlightened self-interest to offer any
assistance you can.  We (and our learners) will be the ultimate
beneficiaries of their success.



	<CIA-5>	AbiWord: volodymyr * r30320
Removed use of deprecated GtkDialog::vbox
	<cjl>	volodymyr: So Abiword is making the move to GTK3+ and PyGobject
	<jean>	Gobject introspection is a somewhat different issue
	<cjl>	ok, I thought they went somewhat hand in hand
	<cjl>	jean, the folks at Sugar Labs are slowly working on migrating
from gtk2 to gtk3
	<cjl>	Every time they mention it, they talk about pygobject
introspection in the next sentence :-)
	<jean>	abiword migration?
	<cjl>	jean AbiWord is shipped in OLPC images
	<cjl>	OLPC images are dual boot in Sugar and Gnome and full AbiWord
is on the Gnome boot by default.
	<cjl>	And of course, the Write Activity in the Sugar side isa n
AbiWord derivative.
	<jean>	I know that
	<jean>	just I ignored that they tried to move to gtk3
	<cjl>	It is being worked on
	<jean>	which is, btw, not trivial
	<cjl>	http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/GTK3
	<jean>	how far did they go?
	<cjl>	I've seen chatter on Sugar tha a GTK rebase is close to
working. It has not gone out in any releases.
	<cjl>	The plan is to support both gtk2 and gtk3 for a while to allow
for transition fo activities.
	<cjl>	The 0.94 Sugar release is going to come out in two weeks or so,
gtk3 is targeted for the next release (0.96)
	<jean>	sure, but I doubt they ported the Write Activity
	<cjl>	jean, no that hasn't been done yet
	<cjl>	But it will get early attention, as it is important.
	<cjl>	That is why I was interested to hear that Abiword is making the move
	<jean>	right
	<cjl>	That's great news. Write wil lbe supported as a GTK2 activity
for a long time (at least a year, I think), once the core is ported
	<jean>	it's far from working
	<jean>	I'm suspecting the crash occurs in the ruler code
	* jean	hopes to have an almost working gtk3 abiword within a couple of months
	<cjl>	jean I'm not really a dev, but if you hit a wall, you can
always ask on #sugar, just explain you are AbiWord and I bet they will
	<cjl>	You guys are an impt upstream and we do try to show love to the upstreams
	<jean>	ok, thanks
	<jean>	abiword is my third gtk2 to gtk3 port
	<cjl>	Since they are dealing with the same sorts of issues, sharing
successes and failures just makes sense.
	<jean>	sure
	<cjl>	wow, you may be the expert then.
	<jean>	I have some experience indeed
	<cjl>	I think bernie innocenti nick:bernie is some kind of pygobject
guru if that helps.
	<jean>	well I don't use python at all
	<cjl>	ok
	<cjl>	maybe it was marco I was thinking of, not bernie
	<cjl>	or maybe tomeu
	<cjl>	Anyway, I know we've got some contributors that can hopefully
pull this whole thing off.
	<jean>	ok, I'll communicate on #sugar later this week
	<cjl>	keep up the good work, i'll be following with great interest.
	<jean>	need to go
	<cjl>	bye
	<jean>	bye

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