[Sugar-devel] Calling all multi-lingual developers

Chris Leonard cjlhomeaddress at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 08:07:59 EDT 2011

Dear Developers,

The Sugar 0.94 release is rapidly approaching string freeze (starting
tomorrow Sept 5th) according to the release schedule.

A string freeze is a traditional courtesy paid by the developer
community to to the localization community in order to allow them a
chance to catch up with any new strings that have been added since the
last release and to finish their work before the final release.

I would like all of our multilingual developers to consider further
honoring that tradition by taking off their developer's hat briefly
and joining the localizers in bringing their languages to 100%
completion.  This act also pays respect to your fellow developers by
amplifying the impact of their work, allowing it to reach much wider
audiences in non-English languages.

Soon enough your efforts will turn to the n+1 release, but for a brief
period, please consider taking part in the goal of making the upcoming
release as accessible as possible by pushing the L10n work to
completion prior to final release.

Perhaps your language is already complete in our Pootle instance, in
which case, it is a fine time to examine the upstream packages that we
pull and contribute to their L10n.  We provide links to upstream
packages in this set of tracking ticket PO files (not intended for
translation themselves).



Warmest Regards,

Sugar Labs Translation Team Coordinator

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