[Sugar-devel] Packages size list 11.2.0 build 20

S Page skierpage at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 21:34:26 EDT 2011

2011/6/3 Yader Velásquez <yajosev at gmail.com>:
> I've written a shell script for get an orden list (mayor to minor) of the
> packages list with their size.
> I run it in a XO 1.0 with the build 20 of the 11.2.0. The idea is to make
> make the build smaller by getting rid of un-needed packages.

Awesome.  Assuming some of it is history repeating itself, see

Is there a Fedora equivalent of http://packages.ubuntu.com/ ?
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/ seems all administrivia, I
can't get requirements or file contents out of it.

> 37.69mb perl
Something's always dragging Perl in, and OLPC engineers hack it out again.

> 0.72mb totem-pl-parser
It looks like the totem music player's playlist facility is still
using some tiny piece of Perl, Daniel Drake made build hacks to remove
it that AIUI weren't accepted upstream. Before that Perl was pulled in
by gstream-plugins-base, libbonobo, etc.

> 0.45mb perl-Pod-Simple
I believe XO's don't include any documentation this generates.

> 1.77mb libbonobo
> 1.21mb libbonoboui
> 0.46mb ORBit2
Deprecated since Gnome 2.4 around 2007 and yet they're still around :-(

> 10.29mb wxGTK
I think the Audacity app for Gnome is the only thing that requires the
wx toolkit.

> 0.32mb rarian
> 0.23mb rarian-compat
These produce documentation that isn't shipped on the XOs.  See

etc.  Good luck!  BTW, it's MB, not milli-bits :-)

=S Page

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