[Sugar-devel] Really expensive paperback MYOSA!

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 18:19:51 EDT 2011

On the Kindle Store I found linked to my Author page this page:


Someone is selling a brand new copy of "Make Your Own Sugar
Activities!" for only $155.07!  They only have one, so if you want it
better order quick!

...or you can get one from Lulu:


that one is just $18.71 and they'll print as many as you want.  Plus
they have a cover image.

I have attempted to inform Amazon of this.

Also, this morning I had to answer an email from Amazon requesting
elaborate proof that an e-book I want to sell, The Big Aviation Book
for Boys, originally published in 1929, was in the public domain.  One
of the things I pointed out to them was that they were already selling
paperback reprints of that same book through Kessenger Publishing, and
I didn't think they had any rights to the book that I didn't have.

This publishing business is harder than I thought it was.

James Simmons

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