[Sugar-devel] New Release Free From Malaria 3

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 01:05:10 EDT 2011

World Class Project,

If you extend the Activity class and and implement a toolbar in your
Activity then you can close your Activity without using sys.exit(0).
If you do not wish to create a Journal entry there is a way to
initialize the Activity class so it doesn't make a Journal entry.  You
can also hide things in the toolbar that your Activity doesn't use,
like the Keep button and sharing.

I recommend you look at "Make Your Own Sugar Activities!"  Look at the
chapters on extending Activity, making toolbars, and Fun With The
Journal (which will tell you how to avoid using the Journal).


James Simmons

> p.s. can anyone tell us how to close and activity from activity.py without
> using sys.exit(0) ?
> World Class Project
> twitter.com/#%21/WorldClass_Proj

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