[Sugar-devel] Browse and the move to WebKit

Lucian Branescu lucian.branescu at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 09:42:30 EDT 2011

On 24 June 2011 14:10, Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
> On 24 June 2011 13:08, Lucian Branescu <lucian.branescu at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Just nitpicking, but gtk2/pygi is a perfectly good option as well, and
>> it may even work with sugar-toolkit (depending on the status of
>> python-gobject and sugar-toolkit).
> According to a conversation I had with Tomeu and J5 (pygi developers),
> pygi introspection to gtk2 libraries does not work well and is
> unsupported. Also, mixing pygi with pygtk is impossible and will fall
> over immediately. According to them, pure gtk3 is the only solution.

Hmm, that's quite different from my last talk with them. I was told
that gtk2 is fine and that since py-gi is based on pygobject, there's
a chance it might work with pygtk2.

Not having gtk2 support is quite nasty, and it changes a lot of plans.

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