[Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Proposal: icons for Record Timer and Duration

manuel quiñones manuq at laptop.org
Fri Jun 24 00:56:46 EDT 2011

Gonzalo Odiard pointed me to an issue in Record: the strings on the
toolbar can get too long for some languages, because of the timer and
duration options.  So I did icons for the two options based on
Gonzalo's suggestions:


This way, the combo boxes that have the options can be replaced with
palettes.  As you can see, this icons are not a replacement in meaning
for the words "Timer" and "Duration", so the texts should be changed:

Timer: "inmediate" for "Start inmediatly", "5 seconds" for "Wait 5
seconds", "10 seconds" for "Wait 10 seconds".

Duration: "2 minutes" for "Record 2 minutes", and so on.

What do you think?  we can discuss this on the design meeting, I can
attend this sunday


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