[Sugar-devel] Browse and the move to WebKit

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Wed Jun 22 14:26:10 EDT 2011

> The biggest finding that came from outside this thread is that if
> Browse is to move to pygi to access webkit, the Sugar python bits that
> it uses must also be gtk3/pygi. No mixing with pygtk2 is possible. So
> we have a prerequisite on sugar (or at least parts of it?) being moved
> to gtk3/pygi first.

Why do not you implement the new Browse in C/C++?
It would have three advantages:
1. It could reuse an existing WebKit browser's code.
2. It would not depend on incomplete/unmaintained python bindings.
3. It would be fast. At least it would not use 60M of python runtime 
memory per process.
Of course it would require reimplementing some simple toolbar and 
children would not be able to look into the browser's codebase (only 
though the web) but I think it would be an interesting option to 
consider. At least the 3. point could be important enough for the most 
used application in Sugar...

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