[Sugar-devel] [OLPC-AU] More 'human' voice synth (TTS)

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 10:07:47 EDT 2011

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 8:25 AM, Sridhar Dhanapalan
<sridhar at laptop.org.au>wrote:

> I'm wondering if there's anything we can do to make TTS sound more
> 'human'. We'd like to be able to use the XOs to teach English
> literacy, but the espeak voices are very robotic.
> My understanding is that espeak is optimised for low-power devices
> (great for XOs) and clear (if robotic) speech. Would it be feasible to
> switch to something else, like festival?

You might want to look at speed-dispatcher. It can be configured for
multiple backends. Its already packaged in Fedora.

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