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Sun Jun 19 00:46:23 EDT 2011

Hi All....
Thanks for recording and posting these. Do any of you remember the Apple ii game for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?"  Must have been circa mid 1980s. All text.  Fun problem solving.  I got the Babelfish!
On a more useful note... the folks in Uruguay have some good things going with their "Conozco" series.  They started with history and geography with "Conozco Uruguay."  After that came "Conozco Alimentos" about nutrition, "Knowing Numbers" about math (GCF and LCM), "Conozco Nicaragua", and, by Uruguay's talented young programmer, Christofer, "Conozco Elementos Químicos."  I had hoped there would have been a new Conozco we could have all worked on at eduJAM, but I guess I was the only one interested.  
Anyway, this is a great example of a simple narrative game that has grown to cover a wide range of subjects.  I have only actually downloaded and played the first one, so I don't know how they have adapted it.  I did talk with one of the Conozco developers in Montevideo (maybe Gabriel Eirea?) and he told me they are working on a new, expanded one called "Conozco America" which will be like the Uruguay game, but include all of the countries in the Americas! An ambitious undertaking.
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