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Hello Esteban (and all),
It would be wonderful if you or someone else could write up some very easy to follow instructions for doing the screen scaling, in Spanish, for the teachers in Uruguay.  Don't assume anything.  Pretend the teacher is a total beginner (on the Olidata many will be). Make it a "Grannie's Guide" type document and they will love you forever for doing it! 
Caryl (aka "GrannieB")

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> One of the most noticeable source for incompatibilities seems to be screen definition, 800x600 in the Olidata, and thus several Activities are cropped,

Screen definition is 800x480 ...

Ouch, quite a few Activity toolbars will likely overflow at 800x600 (overflow widgets land in a drop down menu in the far right of the toolbar that shows the text from the tool button hint only). The XO is a 1200x900 screen, about a year or two back there was general consensus that we should try and make sure Activities worked well down too 1024x768 as that was common in emulated environments and regular laptops/desktops.

These 800x600 display machines will want to make sure they are running Sugar using an environmental variable of  SUGAR_SCALING=72, this will shrink the UI scale down to fit the lower screen resolution. SUGAR_SCALING currently only has an effect at either 72 (works well for 800x600 and 1024x768) or 100 (for 1200x900 or larger).

With SUGAR_SCALING=72 Sugar have some problems showing  properties of a journal entry for example. I trying to set lower values of SUGAR_SCALING but I have not getting good results.



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