[Sugar-devel] Fedora 15 SoaS release and Csound5

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Wed Jun 8 09:59:56 EDT 2011


I presume you received the messages immediately listed below, regarding a 
solution to the old/new Csound parser issue ("build csound with the scons 
option  buildRelease=1").

If you sent questions either to this group, or the Csound-developers list, 
I'm sorry; I didn't receive them. Are they perhaps answered in the messages 
quoted below?

Also, as I wrote to you a week or so ago, there are no current MIDI issues 
with Csound and Sugar. (I had mistakenly thought there were earlier.)

I remain eager to test a rebuilt Csound in the Fedora 15 SoaS context, to 
determine if my activities are compatible - and look forward to your 
upcoming test release.

Thanks again for all your work on behalf of things musical within SoaS.

Art Hunkins

(Message to csound development listserv)

Steve, Victor and Peter Robinson:

The run-time (CsOptions) flag --old-parser makes my CSD's run flawlessly. 
(Thanks for the suggestion/solution, Steve.)

I don't imagine my CSD's are the only ones affected.

Peter, I'd strongly recommend Victor's suggestion of incorporating the scons 
option buildRelease=1 into the Csound build for Fedora 15. (For one thing, 
it would for the time being not require changes to my Activities.)

Comments anyone?

Art Hunkins
  From: Victor Lazzarini
  To: Developer discussions
  Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2011 4:42 PM
  Subject: Re: [Cs-dev] Fw: Csound - CsOptions flag for old parser?

  That is a run-time option. But if you build csound with the scons  option 
buildRelease=1, the old parser
  should be the default. This is the recommended (new parser is no ready for 
big time yet).


  On 1 Jun 2011, at 21:30, Peter Robinson wrote:

    Hi Steve,

    Is that a compile or run time option? If the former what are the 


    On 1 Jun 2011 21:18, "Steven Yi" <stevenyi at gmail.com> wrote:

  Dr Victor Lazzarini
  Senior Lecturer
  Dept. of Music
  NUI Maynooth Ireland
  tel.: +353 1 708 3545
  Victor dot Lazzarini AT nuim dot ie

  ----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Peter Robinson" <pbrobinson at gmail.com>
To: "Art Hunkins" <abhunkin at uncg.edu>
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2011 4:48 AM
Subject: Re: Fedora 15 SoaS release and Csound5

> Hi Art,
> No idea. I replied to the email you CC:ed me on and had no answers to
> my questions. I have a couple of outstanding items I need to test and
> fix on SoaS and will put out a test image in the next couple of days
> and you can test it and tell me as you well no I have no ability to
> test midi on soas.
> As a side note please make sure you:
> 1) Create a new email when sending things and no hijack a completely
> irrelevant email.
> 2) Send it to the SoaS list. There is no need to send this directly to me.
> Regards,
> Peter
> On Tue, Jun 7, 2011 at 11:23 PM, Art Hunkins <abhunkin at uncg.edu> wrote:
>> Hello, Peter,
>> Is the Csound5 new/old parser issue now solved for the upcoming Fedora 15
>> SoaS release?
>> If so, is there a testing .iso I could try - to see if my activities are
>> compatible with it?
>> Thanks -
>> Art Hunkins

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