[Sugar-devel] LearningWriting development : I manage to save file to .gph, but reading a file clears its data.

laurent bernabe laurent.bernabe at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 05:00:03 EDT 2011


   - i've coded the write_file and read_file in my project LearningWriting,
   in Launcher.py module

   - I've added my new MIME type to project LearningWriting : *.gph which
   stands for application/x-graph

But, though i precised, when saving, that the mime type is
application/x-graph (<code>self.metadata['mime_type'] =
'application/x-graph'</code>), i'm unable to open the saved gph files.
Instead, it starts a new graph, with all data loosen.

And data are also loosen when i restart a LearningWriting instance from the
dropdown menu (either from F3 screen or from the HardDisk/USB Journal

So, what have i done wrong ?


P.S The changes have been commited in my gitorious account.
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