[Sugar-devel] #2399 UNSP: Record 79 (and 86) issues - Sugar 0.84-0.88

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Fri Jun 3 15:11:05 EDT 2011

@ Rafael expecially:

With respect to various versions of Sugar and Record, I currently supply the 
following information in my readme.txt files for my FileMix and FileMixAuto 
activities (these activities suggest using Record to create audio files for 
use with FileMix):

The natural vehicle for soundfile creation is the Record activity.
This activity is fairly simple and straightforward; the only problem
is that many versions of it do not work with various incarnations of
Sugar. The following pairings of Record with Sugar seem to work
reliably: v64 with Sugar-on-a-Stick Strawberry (0.84 - works rather
poorly); and v86 with XO-1.5, and XO-1 upgraded to Sugar 0.84. Sugar
0.86 (Blueberry) and above (as of 5/2011) are compatible with Record
v90/91, including XO's upgraded to at least Sugar 0.90 (Mango lassi -
Fedora 14).


The above pairings are the *only* ones that are compatible and produce Ogg 
Vorbis (not Speex) files.

The problem is largely with SoaS Strawberry. Record v86, 90 or 91 are 
inoperative there. (FWIW, neither Record 90 nor 91 seem to work with the 2 
June current nightly Fedora SoaS build either.)

This SoaS/audio Record compatibility issue is certainly a complicated one. 
For the moment, I rest my case, and only hope that eventually SoaS 
Strawberry will have a new Record that works well with it.

Art Hunkins

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#2399: Record 79 (and 86) issues - Sugar 0.84-0.88
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Changes (by RafaelOrtiz):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => obsolete


 I suggest re-testing with new versions (v91) of Record.

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