[Sugar-devel] SunMoonMusic Activity does not open in Mango Lassi

Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Thu Jun 2 14:29:25 EDT 2011

@ Walter:

Thanks for the info. In Mango Lassi, indeed, user-installed activities *cannot* be erased. I've filed a ticket:


Strangely, the latest nightly Fedora 15 builds work correctly in this regard.

Apparently, quite a bit of my problem was related to running out of protected memory on my USB sticks. Perhaps a warning should be posted somewhere that "more protected memory (or larger capacities) on SoaS sticks is better" - since SoaS/Fedora is getting larger, and now that pre-installed activities cannot be easily deleted.

(I note, for the record, that most pre-installed activities *are* eraseable in Strawberry, all except Etoys on Blueberry, and some on Mirabelle. This option freed up space and allowed for greater user-customization - a desirable situation in *some* cases certainly.)

Just curious: are different versions (i.e., Strawberry, Blueberry, Mirabelle, etc.) of SoaS tailored to specific deployments? If not, why are there such variations in installed activities and whether they are regarded as permanent or not?

Art Hunkins
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  The only activities where deleting is disabled are pre-installed ones. The ones you install should be able to be deleted. If not, this is a bug.

  Regarding the decision to make pre-installed activities permanent, it is driven by Sugar deployments: teachers requested that certain activities always be available. Which ones is a deployment x deployment decision. For SoaS, we have a very limited set of pre-installed activities, but as the Fedora image grows, the user-space shrinks.

  FWIW, from the Terminal Activity, you can delete the pre-loaded activities in /usr/share/sugar



  Walter Bender
  Sugar Labs

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