[Sugar-devel] Sharing a folder in VirtualBox Trisquel image, failed saying "no such device"

laurent bernabe laurent.bernabe at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 04:26:51 EDT 2011


   1. I installed VirtualBox 4.08 on mu Xubuntu and the Extensions Pack
   2. I installed Sugar OLPC Trisquel image and the Guest Additions
   3. I creating a shared folder called "learningwriting" pointing to my
   Xubuntu LearningWriting folder, with full access and without automatic
   4. Back on Trisquel Image, i created a folder ~/learningwriting
   5. I tried "sudo mount -t vboxsf learningwriting ~/learningwriting" but i
   got the error : "No such device"

Does anyone know why ?

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