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"Have you ever wondered how the chips inside your computer work?  How they
process information and run programs?  Are you maybe a bit let down by the
low resolution of chip photographs on the web or by complex diagrams that
reveal very little about how circuits work?  Then you've come to the right
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Date: Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 10:51 AM
Subject: [fonc] Visual 6502
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This is kind of cool. They took a 6502, X-rayed it, vectorized the
photographs, and then used polygon intersection to implement an emulator in
JavaScript. I haven't hears of anyone doing anything like that before. Made
me think of the FONC TCP/IP bootstrap in it's surprising straightforwardness
and unorthodoxy.

Also, it seems to suggest a "polygonal language," which is interesting to

You can watch a color coded image of the processor doing it's thing and even
step through code, right in your browser. I really think this could be a fun
way to teach kids about microprocessors.

Thought I'd share, hopefully this is interesting to folks:)

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