[Sugar-devel] Moving Sugar to GPLv3+[Sugar-devel Digest, Vol 30, Issue 57]

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 23 09:17:20 EDT 2011

I do not really know much about licensing, but I really get upset occasionally... 
So be advised that flammable material may be included even if this is not my intention.

I have the sense that once more Sugar is becoming FSF’s guinea-pig that only spells troubles (see users looking for codecs, dropping java for python, OLPC selling off to MS etc). 
I guess the first question to ask is, is Sugar’s TOP priority the same as FSF’s top priority?

How about teaching kids that “you have to do the dirty job yourself” ?
How about teaching kids that “no matter what you should not make any money out of it”?
How about teaching kids “you can do anything you want as long as it is what I think it should be”?
Is that what Sugar wants to convey to its young users?

Dictating how the code will be used? 
Next thing will be that country X is nor democratic (or friendly)  enough to guaranty the Sugar’s code will be used as intended. 
And if this is not in SL’s or FSF’s intention what about if organization X feels that way and tries to enforce it in the courts? 
Can GPL v3 latter _guarantee_ that this can not happen? 

So as the others I’ll ask, what’s in it for Sugar? 
The famous tivoization scare craw? 
Do  you seriously believe that someone will lock sugar to a specific hardware? 
This must be the joke of the year! 
Is more likely that Sugar will not be able to run on Android or Chrome or WebOS or Windows or OS X or... because FSF or  the next zealot will decide that GPL v3 latter is violated by something (or everything) in these platforms 
Could it be that this is the “Sugar under GPL v3“ goal? Control “where” rather than “how” Sugar will run?
Regarding the proprietary books scare craw. They asked YOU to do it didn’t they? Was it the v3 that stopped you?...

“Share and share alike” is just fine. 
When I hear that someone is trying to “protect me" from the way others will use me (or my work) I really get scared.  
FSF’s priority is not education, is not learning, is not development in the general terms, is not programming, heck is not even freedom.  Is software politics! 
Lawyer’s job  is not freedom or justice, is litigation!  
After the “freedom” poster boy, here comes “MY version of freedom” ugly beast.
Is that what SL wants?

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