[Sugar-devel] porting Sugar on a Marvell tablet (avlite)

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Wed Apr 6 22:51:56 EDT 2011

Sascha Silbe <sascha-ml-reply-to-2011-1 <at> silbe.org> writes:

> Excerpts from Nagarjuna G's message of Mon Jan 03 08:50:07 +0100 2011:
> > This is just to let you know that that we have successfully built the
> > latest sugar-jhbuild on Debian GNU/Linux unstable for a tablet by
> > Marvell's  PXA168 Avengers lite Development Platform.  This has 256MB
> > ram and a 4GB flash.
> I would have expected it to work (IIRC all of the ARM-specific bugs
> I reported at Debian have been fixed by now, some of them recently),
> but I'm nevertheless delighted to hear about your positive experience.
> > Most of the things are working as expected, though there is lot of
> > work left.  I will make a wikipage with screenshots soon.
> > Once I find a virtual keyboard solution the system is ready.
> For a production system running on only 4GB flash I highly recommend
> using native Debian packages instead of sugar-jhbuild, especially for
> storage space reasons. Jonas' repository (see Debian wiki [1]) contains
> some updates and additional packages that didn't make it in time for the
> freeze.
> > Are there others on the list working on similar systems?
> I'm running Sugar (both sugar-jhbuild and native Debian packages) on an
> OpenRD-Base (via VNC+ssh, no physical screen; 0.5TB low-power HDD) for
> testing purposes.
> OLPC is running Sugar on XO-1.75 prototypes which are based on a Marvell
> ARM SoC, though they're sticking to Fedora for consistency with previous
> OLPC builds.
> I've been running Sugar 0.82 (from Debian packages) on my PXA270 based
> smartphone for fun, but with only 64MB of RAM it was of no actual use.
> Sascha
> [1] http://wiki.debian.org/Sugar


i have a marvell mutimedia tablet(not a development kit) running android 1.6 
which really sucks. it also uses pxa168 mohawk avenger same as the devices you 
ported i think, i want to help in testing sugar in my tablet.can you help me how 
to start?i know you posted howtos on metastudio. but im not sure how to transfer 
files from tftp since mine is not a development kit(no serial but has 1 usb and 
1 mini usb and it shows /dev/sg2 for android. i would love to hear from you 
guys. kudos to the team who made sugar posible on marvell pxa168. correct me 
guys if im wrong, everything starts from booting uboot right which i also don't 
know if it is posible to put it on the tablet im using. supporting and 
innovating education for kids is really one of the most significant that we 
should lookup to. :) 

ps: if your curious about the looks here is the link http://tablet-


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