[Sugar-devel] AC - Update - Dextrose 3 general outline.

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Mon Apr 4 13:47:06 EDT 2011

To best meet Activity Central's partner and customer needs while aligning
with the larger ecosystem, Dextrose 3 will focus _entirely_ on stability and

The target release date for Dextrose 3 will be mid December 2011 in
preparation for the start of the Australian school year. 

Upstream - Silbe is merging the Dextrose patch set on Fedora 14 and Sugar
0.92. He anticipates having a working build within two weeks.

Dextrose - Anish will be making the release schedule this week - In general
Q2 will be settling down after the rebase. Q3 will be initial regression
testing to ensure the nothing breaks between Dextrose2 and Dextrose3. Q4
will be exploratory classroom testing with Release candidates. Tincho will
go through bugs.sugarlabs.org and update Dextrose and Dextrose 3 tags as

Activities - Rafael and Sebastian will ensure that there are no regressions
on activities in the Dextrose Activity Pack between dx2 and dx3.

School server - David VA and alsroot will have the initial release of the
dextrose server ready.

Community - Pablo will coordinate another summit for the 4th quarter of
2011. On the technical side this summit will emphasize connectivity and the
role of the school server in the Sugar ecosystem.

These are very broad strokes to give a general overview of how Activity
Central's work will align with the larger OLPC and Sugar ecosystem.


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