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Art Hunkins abhunkin at uncg.edu
Fri Apr 1 10:03:20 EDT 2011

Thanks, Gonzalo; that's a very good idea. I'll look forward to testing.

Art Hunkins
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  I don't know if i will see the glitches when we do the visual representation.
  I agree, in a tool to record audio, is important the audio is well recorded.
  And when I have anything to show, I will inform and we can test it and see what can we do.


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      On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 12:18 PM, Art Hunkins <abhunkin at uncg.edu> wrote:

        Please ensure that, in *audio* recording mode, any video display (including
        an oscilloscope-style display) does not cause glitches in the audio. (This
        was an apparent problem in earlier versions.) Of course, the surest
        guarantee of this is no simultaneous (changing) video display.

      I think video feedback is vital. How do you know it's actually doing
      something if nothing seems to happen when you start recording audio?
      It doesn't necessarily have to be a waveform display, but *something*
      needs to be changing.

      A waveform display has pedagogical value.  It's worth making that work right.

    If it "works right", fine.

    Otherwise, there is the elapsed time indicator that is the "something" that "needs to be changing. Also there are visual changes when you start and stop recording - all sorts of visual cues.

    I too rather like the waveform display - it does have some pedagogical value; it just *must not* interrupt smooth audio flow.

    Art Hunkins 

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