[Sugar-devel] Feedback from the field TurtleArt

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Tue Sep 28 04:43:06 EDT 2010


a) '.' versus ',' for floating point numbers

In TA you can only use the dot to specify a floating point number. In 
languages like German and Spanish floating point numbers are specified 
with a ','. I think we should either make it locale dependent (can be 
seen in the output of Calculate), or we just allow to use '.' and ',' 
(the latter might have some side effects though).

b) the term 'turn left [number]' has been changed to 'left [number]'. I 
liked the use of the term 'turn' here. Furthermore those changes should 
be made with care as we break not only translation but documentation as 


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