[Sugar-devel] Mesh networking not working in my XO's

Harpreet Sareen author.blogger at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 22:13:19 EDT 2010

I have tow XO laptops (XO 1 and XO 1.5) which I want to connect together
through mesh networking. I currently don't use WiFi hotspot/Access
Point/Wired Network for the internet rather 3G EVDO. So, unfortunately, I
cannot connect both these XO's through the XO -- AP -- XO. I had to consider
the XO -- XO mesh for networking.
XO 1 shows only one dot in the Neighbourhood named as "olpc-mesh" and XO 1.5
shows three dots namely, "MeshNetwork1", "MeshNetwork6" and "MeshNetwork11"
in the Neighbourhood. I tried sharing the "Record" activity between the XO's
by starting the activity on XO 1.5 but XO 1.5 is not discovered in the
neighbourhood of XO 1.0.
What could be the problem or how it could be troubleshooted? Why isn't the
laptop being discovered int the neghbourhood?

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