[Sugar-devel] Sugar on Fedora and Sugar on a Stick QA Processes Announcement

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 04:50:28 EDT 2010

Hi All,

As some of you know I was at FUDCon Zurich last weekend. I took the
opportunity to sit down with Adam Williamson who is in charge of the
Fedora QA team and process to discuss how we could incorporate Sugar
and SoaS testing into the QA process.

Adam agreed that we would be able to incorporate Sugar into the
Desktop QA which will expand our testing massively as Fedora has a
great QA team. It will also have the ability to allow us to block a
release if there is things broken. That is a double edged sword as if
its broken we'll also need to pull out all stops to ensure it is fixed
as well, but overall I believe that is positive!

In the short term this won't affect this release too much but I will
be spending some time to define the criteria for Alpha, Beta and Final
releases. It will also mean we have official spins for each of the
Alpha, Beta as well as the usual Final releases. While we will see the
start of the benefits for the home run this will really start to kick
in for the SoaSv5 release process.

Overall I think this is a massively positive opportunity for Sugar as
it opens it out more to the wider Fedora community and allows us to
get involved in the Fedora QA more and define what is important for us
for our releases and allows us to ride on the coattails and gain the
benefit of the awesome work that Adam and his team are doing upstream.


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