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Mukul Gupta

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From: Mukul Gupta <mukul at seeta.in>
Date: Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 7:38 PM
Subject: SL bug#630
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Cc: Manusheel Gupta <manu at seeta.in>, David Farning <dfarning at gmail.com>


This mail is with reference to the Sugarlabs bug #630 regarding Full Memory
in Journal. There were some of my queries and some clarifications that I
wanted to be sorted out. It would be great if you could look into some of

These are some of my findings after reproducing the error by assigning a
dummy value to free_space.

1. The Modal Dialog appears at startup and asks us to go to the Journal. The
dialog appears again whenever I perform any action in the Journal including
when I erase some data,mark as favorites or exit an activity.However I am
able to open up different entities present in the Journal. Even transfer to
favorites view takes place.

Problem: The Dialog appears repetitively.
When the function ModalAlert() is being called ie at check_available_space.
I intend to display the Modal Dialog only once. Hence, I require to store a
temporary variable that will count the the Modal Dialog appears. For this I
made the following changes to the code.


I suspect that when i variable that I have used here is always initialised
to be 1 and thus it doesn't give the desired output. Please suggest a method
so that I can declare a static/extern type of variable.

2. In the Modal Dialog I was trying to get a provision for a Continue button
which would exit the modal dialog and would lead me to the current
view/favorites view. However, I was stuck up with its coding. Please check.


3. Next thing, what I wanted to implement was to give a small
alert/notification instead of the modal dialog indicating the % free memory
or a warning.

I am also attaching the screenshots.The image 1 is the output when I make
the changes listed in 1 while 2 is the output for Point No. 2.

Waiting for your valuable inputs,


Mukul Gupta
Research Engineer, SEETA
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