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Gary Martin garycmartin at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 15 09:15:20 EDT 2010

Hi Sascha,

On 15 Sep 2010, at 12:30, Sascha Silbe <sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-3 at silbe.org> wrote:

> Excerpts from Gary Martin's message of Tue Sep 14 19:14:10 +0200 2010:
>> - the normal Stop icon should be used (ideally it would be placed on the far right, swapped with the fullscreen button)
>> - clicking it would raise a naming dialogue (not all your fields are needed for Journal, just name, description, and tags)
>> - options on the dialogue for Save, Don't Save, Cancel
>> - Save creates a Journal entry if working on a new un-saved activity, or overwrites the existing entry if working on a resumed activity
> No, please, no!

Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear enough...

> Let me quote my own thesis:
>> The question boils down to the destruction of either the old or the new
>> version of the document. Although the wording of the dialogue improved,
>> the underlying problem remains unsolved -- keeping the wrong version
>> occurs frequently.
> In absence of version support, please always make "destroy old version"
> and "destroy current version" separate UI actions.

No activity allows a user to "destroy old version", that's a task the user would need to use the Journal erase item for. The "destroy current version", or a more friendly description would be "save my changes to the instance I resumed" is the standard behaviour of other Sugar activities. The Etoys Keep button would create versions/duplicates, the Stop button would update the resumed instance with changes. Note that for Etoys, as it can't periodically auto save like other activities do due to saving it's performance penalties, the Stop button can raise a dialogue with a "Don't save" option, allowing preservation of the resumed instance, if the user so desires.  

Right now in this version of Etoys you can never resume and modify an existing Journal entry, you can only hit Keep from time to time, and that creates a brand new Journal entry every time.

Are you suggesting that, in the _current_ Sugar, every time an activity is resumed the activity should keep a new duplicate Journal entry? Or perhaps it should never auto save the users work on Stop?

If we're talking about a future Sugar where we've landed global datastore versioning, that should be in a separate thread discussion than the current Etoys behaviour.  


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