[Sugar-devel] [SoaS] Policy for activities for downstream inclusion

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Sep 15 08:51:56 EDT 2010

On 09/15/2010 11:47 AM, Sascha Silbe wrote:
> Excerpts from Simon Schampijer's message of Tue Sep 14 16:14:08 +0200 2010:
>>>> In the .deb side of the universe, we prefer tarballs but we can work
>>>> directly from the git repository.
>> We should not go from the git repository. Either use the .xo or a tarball.
> Why?

AFAIK, most downstreams prefer/use tarballs as David and Peter has been 

> And who is "we" in this case?

"we" is "imho" in this case.


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