[Sugar-devel] "Name this entry" dialog questions

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Sep 15 06:49:39 EDT 2010

On 09/14/2010 08:16 PM, Sascha Silbe wrote:
> Excerpts from Erik Blankinship's message of Tue Sep 14 19:48:43 +0200 2010:
>> When exiting an activity, a "Name this entry" dialog sometimes pops up.
>>     - Can an activity developer bypass this dialog when closing an activity?
>>     - Can an activity developer summon this dialog at will while the activity
>>     is running (and grab the text from the dialog when the dialog is closed)?
> Yes, it's possible, but no, I don't recommend doing that. The naming
> dialog was an ad-hoc solution and will be replaced by something
> (hopefully) better in future releases. Walter was working on it [1],
> but unfortunately it didn't get finished in time for 0.90.

Yes, a solution should be in 0.92.

> IMO the best way to implement this is by adding a button in the Activity
> toolbar (the one where you can also change the title) that brings you
> to the Journal details page. The Journal API for that has been in place
> for a long time already, all you need is the button. While we would
> include that button in sugar-toolkit in the future (if the others agree
> this is the best way to do it), you can just include that code inside
> your activity and have it working on older Sugar releases as well.
> Sascha
> [1] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/Write_to_journal_anytime

We discussed about directly switching to the Journal, but it has some 
downsides, too. It might be hard for a learner to get that context 
switch. Another option was to add an entry to where the title entry is 
in the activity where you can make your notes.

As we already have not made the best choice once, we should be testing 
both approaches (or a completely other one) in class in the next cycle 
and see what works better.


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