[Sugar-devel] [PATCH] VncLauncher can't find the needed libs on OLPC's 10.1.2 release

Raul Gutierrez Segales rgs at rieder.net.py
Fri Sep 10 04:00:49 EDT 2010


The deployment here in Nigeria is updating their laptops to the 10.1.2
release. In the process, we found out the VncLauncher (v6) is not
working because the bundled binary (x11vnc) needs a few libs. Even
though one of the libs is included, the code doesn't export the library
path before running the binary. 

The attached patch exports the path that contains the needed

If the activity currently lacks maintainer I can prepare a new release
(if someone can give me the right access) that includes this patch and
the needed library.

This activity is kind of popular in this deployment.

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