[Sugar-devel] #2295 UNSP: Sugar 0.88 [Dextrose] not reporting all favourite connections to NetworkManager at startup

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Sep 8 20:33:29 EDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 08, 2010 at 06:53:24PM +0200, Tomeu Vizoso wrote:
> You mentioned that NM is only considering one connection, but if you
> can check that Sugar returns alls of them in ListConnections, why is
> NM only taking one of them?

I agree.  I don't see evidence on Sugar side that only one connection is
being requested.

On Sugar 0.84 traced NewConnection, ListConnections and GetSettings
using logging, and the log shows:

1283991592.492549 ERROR root: NewConnection '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0'
1283991592.499109 ERROR root: NewConnection '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/1'
1283991592.569510 ERROR root: ListConnections [<jarabe.model.network.NMSettingsConnection at /org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/1 at 0x99f352c>, <jarabe.model.network.NMSettingsConnection at /org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0 at 0x99f346c>] 
1283991592.574368 ERROR root: GetSettings '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0'
1283991592.597896 ERROR root: GetSettings '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/1'
1283991592.615200 ERROR root: GetSettings '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/1'
1283991592.620522 ERROR root: GetSettings '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0'

The above was on build os852, with only one connections.cfg entry, with
no mesh or ad-hoc support enabled.  There is only one access point
powered on, and I'm 10km from the next nearest.

I don't understand why there are two NewConnection signals.  I think the
extra NewConnection signal might have to do with the GSM support.  If I
discard network history, so that there is no connection for wireless,
what the trace shows is:

1283991817.029766 ERROR root: NewConnection '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0'
1283991817.101088 ERROR root: ListConnections [<jarabe.model.network.NMSettingsConnection at
/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0 at 0x88743ec>]
1283991817.104933 ERROR root: GetSettings '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0'
1283991817.122063 ERROR root: GetSettings '/org/freedesktop/NetworkManagerSettings/0'

Still, it is odd that NetworkManager calls GetSettings method twice, and
NetworkManager calls ListConnections only once *after* Sugar has
provided the two NewConnection signals.

James Cameron

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