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Excerpts from Martin Abente's message of Tue Aug 31 20:44:25 +0200 2010:

[Organising a Sugar game session, e.g. Sauerbraten]
> Why not Quake?! Quake 2 coop mode was fun ;)
AFAICT the Quake 2 game data is still proprietary, so not available to
everyone (legally). Open Arena [1] would be an Open Source alternative.
The latter (being based on Quake 3 which has a very different single
player mode than Quake 2) shares the drawback of Sauerbraten that
there's no co-op mode, though it does at least support bots (while
Sauerbraten doesn't).
Doom 2 with FreeDoom data files supports co-op mode; there's even an
activity for it [2]. I have a feeling it incorporates binary code and
won't work on most systems, but AFAIK most distros ship it so that's
not an issue. ;)

> I am not suggesting to eliminate the current process, I am just saying
> that we should define clear parameters that could help to minimize the
> current bottle necks generated by the current number of
> maintainers/reviewers and the difficulties of agreement at the coding and
> designing stages, respectively.

Do you have any concrete idea what we could do to improve or speed up
the process? What would you consider the most important blocker / what
took most of your time?


[1] http://openarena.ws/
[2] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Doom
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