[Sugar-devel] [SoaS] CD helper for v3 Mirabelle

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Sun Oct 31 18:20:41 EDT 2010

Peter Robinson wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 9:50 PM, Thomas C Gilliard
> <satellit at bendbroadband.com> wrote:
>> Peter;
>> I do not have an intel Mac so I cannot try this new boot CD. Has any one
>> tested it?
> You don't need a Mac to test it. You shouldn't need it for a Mac (you
> just need to use the 64 bit version of it)
I am geting ready to do so.
USB of Sugar-v4 and boot helper in CD drive. : ) 

(Diskless hp pavillion laptop Turion 64x2 with nivida)

>> In a install of f14-RC1-live to a HD with yum groupinstall sugar-desktop
>> done right after install. The keychain password request works correctly as
>> we have logged in via gdm.
>> A periphieral question; is there a command to call up the keychain manager
>> from am init 3 boot alt f5 or sugar- terminal?
> No, but I think I have a fix for it. Unfortunately it didn't make the
> Gold release of v4 which will be out on Tuesday. It will be added as
> an update though.
>> I was hoping to do a remix where the keychain-manager comes up prior to
>> starting sugar..... Is this possible? Do we need to put first-boot back in
>> our builds?
> I don't think so, either way that decision is now one for v5 now.
When will your fixes get to rawhide. (I a can do a remix with the 
mini.ks pointed to it)

How soon till the nightly-composes resume? I am ready to test....: )

Tom Gilliard
> Peter
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