[Sugar-devel] Moving forward.

David Farning dfarning at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 20:30:39 EDT 2010

Yesterday I sent a rather blunt email on my concerns about the
project.  It seems the observations resonated with many people while
striking several nerves.  The volume of private mail or CCed mail (to
a subset of the Sugar Labs participants) responses was unexpectedly

The five main themes of the responses are:
1. "Could you possibility be any more abstract?"
2. "Several of the points are valid.  Here are my
responses/suggestions. This should be on a public thread, but someone
else will have to start it."
3. "The core problem is trust."
4. "This conversation is like an iceberg, the 'community' only sees
10% and not the other 90%."
5. "Dave you are just a jerk, now shut up."

For better of worse, all five points are valid.  I am a bumbling jerk
who is struggling to rebuild community trust without airing anyone's
dirty laundry, including my own.

To put all of my cards on the table:
1. The ideas driving OLPC and Sugar are sound.
2. Sugar Labs will continue to fragment until the issue of trust is resolved.
3. Because of this, I left Sugar Labs to start a business which
provides service and support for Sugar.
4. I need Sugar to succeed. I need OLPC to succeed.
5. I have been trying to operate 'under the radar' because some in
Sugar Labs and OLPC have contacted individuals I am working with and
'suggested' that they not work with me.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  I get pissed off about
the lack of trust and community building in Sugar Labs, so I go off
and form a fork which operates largely in secret.

Two years ago, I suggested that the over sight board appoint Walter
Bender as Executive Director of Sugar Labs so he would be able to
speak on behalf of Sugar Labs.  He had three skills which Sugar Labs
needed. 1) He was able to clearly and effectively communicate the
goals of Sugar and the mission of Sugar Labs. 2) He was able to create
an identity for Sugar Labs outside of OLPC. 3) He was a tireless
advocate for Sugar.  In the past two years Sugar Labs has progressed,
largely because of Walter.  The goal of sugar and Sugar labs is well
understood. Sugar Labs has a clear identity.

Now, Sugar Labs has different needs; pragmatic bridge building between
individuals and organization.  It is time to look for someone with
those particular skill to lead/herd Sugar Labs forward.  As such I
would like to recommend that SLOB ask and appoint Adam Holt as the
next Executive Director of Sugar Labs.


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