[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] stepping down as maintainer

Bastien bastien.guerry at wikimedia.fr
Sun Oct 24 08:55:30 EDT 2010

Hi David,

I think everyone agrees that Tomeu stepping down as a maintainer is a
big loss.  I join my voice to those who already expressed this and my
thanks to Tomeu for all the crazy work he's been achieving here - and 
it's not only lines of code, it's also a general welcoming and helping
attitude, which is priceless.

I did a small experiment: I clicked on the "Getting involved" button.

I'm not falling into those categories: developer, designer, educator,
content writer.  I can help as a translator (I did so in the past) and 
as a "people person".

So I clicked on the "People person" button.

I understand the projects listed here and how I can help them: marketing
team, documentation team, deployment team, local labs, soas.

Here is my list (preference order) :

- *Local labs*: I will try to have more people involved in Sugar from
  France.  Since early october, we have at least two new members of OLPC
  who will work more on Sugar.

- *Sugar on a stick*: together with other members, I will try to develop
  a french Soas.

- *Marketing team*: [sadly enough, we don't seem to have news from Sean.
  Hopefully nothing bad happened to him - he's usually very responsive.]
  My role here could be a "general outreach" role: trying to translate
  marketing documents, speak more about Sugar in events, etc.

I'm addressing this message to you since your the contact for this role.


There is something I miss in the list of "teams/projects" for "people
persons": community management.  This is very different from marketing
and outreach.  Maybe this project/role could be advertized somewhere 
on the wiki.

I'll keep this list updated about progress I make in this role.

PS: I don't dwell on Sugar criticism because I fail to grok how this
could help us go ahead and keep moving forward.  Criticism is useful
when resources are growing, not when they are shrinking.


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