[Sugar-devel] Bazaar glucose packages

Aleksey Lim alsroot at member.fsf.org
Wed Oct 20 21:20:44 EDT 2010

Hi all,


The one of core parts of Zero Sugar is Bazaar[1]. It is patched version
of OBS, openSUSE distribution/development platform. It is intended to be
a full functional development backend for sugar doers/developers.
Starting from just uploading sources tarballs (for pure python based
activities), via building binary based activities and finising with
creating sugar distributions. It is not replacement of ASLO, just moving
development related stuff from ASLO to Bazaar and keep ASLO only as
catalog of activities that will be download (somehow) from Bazaar.

How it might useful right now.

While working on Zero Sugar, I've mostly finished native packages part.
It might be useful for others right now.

On Bazaar, there are major projects[3]:

    Platform        dependencies of sugar components (aliased to
                    upstream packages or built from sources)
    Core            git version of glucose that is(will) be built on
                    daily basis
    Core:<release>  stable glucose versions built on purpose eg 0.88 for
                    Ubuntu-10.04 for Trisqule since it is not well supported
                    in upstream

Right now, Platfom and Core* projects might be used just by attaching
their repositories to native packaging system and installing particular

Supported distros are [4]. It is also possible to add other rpm/deb
based distros (and their releases) and might be done on purpose. Not rpm
or deb releases might be covered by further 0install implementation.

Easy usage of Bazaar packages.

Install sweets command:

    wget http://download.sugarlabs.org/packages/0sugar/sweets-1.sh
    sh sweets-1.sh
    (relogin from X session to take into account new PATH)

Add Bazaar repos (<your-distro> is a name of distro mentioned on
particular Bazaar project page):

    sweets repo_add Platform/<your-distro>
    sweets repo_add Core/<your-distro>

Install sugar packages:

    sweets download sugar sugar/emulator

Run sugar:

    sweets sugar
    sweets sugar/emulator

For example, activity developers who need recent glucose version can
just install Core packages and keep it up-to-date and do not use jhbuild.

Close plans.

* In-place usage of glucose projects (not only). It will be full jhbuild
  replacement (not only using packaged Core). For example, developer
  might install Core and git clone e.g. sugar-toolkit and start using
  newly cloned code w/ the rest from Core packages.

* Core:Lab, the laboratory of sugar core code. It will be intended to
  easy check new sugar features like rainbow or new Journal.

[1] https://bazaar.sugarlabs.org/
[2] https://build.opensuse.org/
[3] https://bazaar.sugarlabs.org/project/list_public
[4] https://bazaar.sugarlabs.org/project/repositories?project=Platform


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