[Sugar-devel] Home button in browse - toolbar images

NoiseEHC NoiseEHC at freemail.hu
Tue Oct 19 17:24:37 EDT 2010

You could just make the new tab show the home url by default.

On 2010.10.19. 6:15, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-10-19 at 03:01 +0100, Gary Martin wrote:
>>> Alternatively, the "new tab" button could become a small plus on the tab
>>> bar, which could be made visible at all times. For how long would it
>>> remain invisible during a normal session?
>> Hmmm -1 from me as that would require showing the tab strip at all
>> times, even if only one tab is in use, making the default UI more
>> complicated and eating back into canvas space.
> But you missed my rhetoric question: "for how long would it remain
> invisible during a normal session?".
> All UI designers seem to abhor tabs. They call them complicated and
> unnecessary, but all users love them, including UI designers themselves!
> Ok, but our users are children. Well, have you actually seen a child use
> Firefox? Children aren't stupid, they use tabs for browsing just like
> adults. Actually even *more* than adults, 'cause they get bored of
> waiting for pages to load much sooner. In the real world, after the
> first few minutes there will be so many tabs open that they won't fit
> horizontally.
> Tabbed browsing is the #1 reason why Nepal and other deployments
> replaced Browse with the Firefox activity.
>> 1) Just because in your builds you decided to disable the
>> screen hot corners from triggering the frame doesn't mean
>> that it is now free space up for grabs ;)
> Ouch... Forgot about that. (still, we have way too much space on the
> sides. It could fit an entire button.
>> 2) Corners are used by the notification system.
> Ok, but those last only a few seconds.
>> 3) Using that space for more buttons does not solve
>> the feature creep, and spiral towards complexity.
> If we were to remove the least useful feature, I'd pick the home
> button :-)
> Even if we don't add any button, we could use the extra space just to
> enlarge the URL bar...

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