[Sugar-devel] Home button in browse - toolbar images

Gary Martin garycmartin at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 18 22:01:23 EDT 2010

On 18 Oct 2010, at 16:42, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at codewiz.org> wrote:

> On Mon, 2010-10-18 at 14:20 +0100, Gary Martin wrote:
>>> I'd swap them anyway, Home makes sense to be next to Back/Forward.
>>> However, I'm really not satisfied with the amount of space left for
>>> the URL bar.
>> Yes agreed, toolbar complexity is my other worry (too many tool
>> icons at the top level).
> FWIW, I agree too.
> For reference, this is what the toolbar looks like now:
>  http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/File:Dextrose_tabbed_browsing.png
>> The feature that strikes me as most complex is the new add
>> tab feature, I know many adults who do not understand this
>> feature. How about we move the add tab button down into the
>> View sub-toolbar?
>> The other tab navigation tools could also go there in the future.
>> Seems to be a reasonable grouping to me along with the existing
>> Zoom out, Zoom in, Fullscreen, Show/Hide Tray view features.
> Agreed. 
> Alternatively, the "new tab" button could become a small plus on the tab
> bar, which could be made visible at all times. For how long would it
> remain invisible during a normal session?

Hmmm -1 from me as that would require showing the tab strip at all times, even if only one tab is in use, making the default UI more complicated and eating back into canvas space.

>>> or add a
>>> small stop/reload button inside the URL bar (but I'm not sure such
>>> useful features should be hidden so well).
> I wonder if we could also fold the "star" button for bookmarks inside
> the omnibox, like Firefox does.

Not sure I've seen that, will try and take a look.

>> I'd vote +.9 for this, I'd rather we didn't have to use another
>> UI button design vs. nice large (finger sized) toolbar bar buttons,
>> but Sugar does already use this design for adding the Clear (x)
>> widget in to the right of all Search fields – and we really do
>> need to save the space in the Browse toolbar now that some
>> deployment folks are calling for the addition of a home button.
> Removing one big button from the toolbar and putting a tiny one in the
> URL bar *will* result in more space for the URL bar!
> Another good way to save space: there seems to be too much empty space
> on the sides of the main toolbar. Can it be reduced a little?

1) Just because in your builds you decided to disable the screen hot corners from triggering the frame doesn't mean that it is now free space up for grabs ;)

2) Corners are used by the notification system. 

3) Using that space for more buttons does not solve the feature creep, and spiral towards complexity.  


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