[Sugar-devel] Mailman's admin and archive interfaces are horrible - suggest GroupServer.org

Tim McNamara paperless at timmcnamara.co.nz
Sun Oct 17 19:15:13 EDT 2010

I'm assuming the infrastructure team are part of this list.

I would like to recommend that Sugar Labs considers migrating from mailman
to GroupServer as its mailing list system[1]. I've been using GroupServer as
a participant for over a year for lots of open government New Zealand
activities [1]. I find the system is far superior to mailman and Google
Groups lists.

The archives are easily searchable, attached files are converted to links to
the server so that people's inboxes are not flooded. The middleware seems to
deal well with filtering out replied content. The best feature for me is
that threaded conversations are together in a single page[3].

I welcome any feedback. I think that a migration like this will make the
mailing lists far more accessible as a knowledge archive. I've been assured
that there is a migration path from mailman[4]. From what I know of Dan, its
lead developer, it should be fairly easy & reliable.


[1] http://groupserver.org/groupserver/features/
[2] http://groups.open.org.nz/groups/ninja-talk/messages/topics.html
[4] http://twitter.com/danrandow/status/27676366090
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