[Sugar-devel] multiple instances of activities

tom.staubitz at fhtw-berlin.de tom.staubitz at fhtw-berlin.de
Sun Oct 17 08:15:47 EDT 2010

I think I encountered a bug in Sugar. Looks like it might be related to this one:

The behavior was not connected to a single activity as I encountered it in Record, TamTamJam and Etoys. It was not intentionally reproducible but it happened quite often. Most of the time none of the instances got started properly. Record for example looked quite ok, but did not display a camera image.  One of the icons in the frame kept pulsing and the instances could not be stopped. The XO had to be restarted. This happened on at least three different XO-1s all running Build 852, Sugar 0.84.16. 
I was able to take screenshots of the context menus of the doubled instances frame icons. They look quite interesting, you can find them here:


I hope it helps,

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