[Sugar-devel] Test request time

Tabitha Roder tabitha at tabitha.net.nz
Thu Oct 14 05:20:35 EDT 2010

Hello world

It is late Thursday night here in NZ so it is the time of the week I start
looking for what we should download Friday and test in NZ on Saturday
morning.  Are there any test requests from anyone out there?

I am assuming we are starting with a Sugar 0.90 test of some sort...
I see some new releases - Sliderule-22, Physics-7, Turtle Blocks-100,
Jukebox-20 and Numbers-3. Should we test these and is there anything in
particular (other than the changes described in the release notes) you are
looking for feedback on? I was hoping that Wordgroupz would be ready for
testing but I haven't seen that yet.
We still have to try out creating our own images for Visual Match, and test
eToys on Sugar 0.90 too.
The Australians have a new XO-1.5 build they want tested...

Anything else?

Thanks world

olpc NZ volunteer
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